Won’t purchase new vehicles for top govt. Officials – Sajith

NDF presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa says he will not allow the procurement of new vehicles for top government officials under his rule.

“I will not give room to purchase ordinary or bullet proof vehicles for the President, Prime Minister, ministers, and parliamentarians,” Premadasa told supporters at a rally in Karandeniya.

He cited this as a move which will cut-down unnecessary expenditure and enable increased investments in development projects.

The NDF candidate also pledged to introduce a special pension scheme for expatriate workers, observing their role in bringing foreign exchange to the country.

“We will also introduce special tax concessions for them to purchase vehicles in Sri Lanka,” he said.

Premadasa, in another key promise, vowed to set-up a special state authority to oversee small scale export goods such as cinnamon.

He pointed out that those engage in the cinnamon trade have been facing difficulties since they have been unable to sell their produce.

“I will also undertake the responsibility to ensure that cinnamon is purchased from farmers at a reasonable price,” the NDF candidate stressed.

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