Why did Modi come to Sri Lanka Suddenly?

Why did Modi come to Sri Lanka Suddenly?

Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi made his first overseas visit to Sri Lanka and the Maldives following the Indian election.

From Maldives to Sri Lanka on Sunday (June 09), the Prime Minister met various parties during his visit. Who were the people he met? What are the locations? Following is a short inquiry.

Issuing a Twitter message on his visit, Prime Minister Modi said, “This is my third visit to this beautiful island for four years, and India will never forgets her friends when they are in need”

Third visit to Sri Lanka

Narendra Modi who has been appointed as Indian Prime Minister in 2014, has visited three times since then. He visited Sri Lanka in 2015 as Prime Minister, in 2017 as chief guest of the international Vesak Festival. This time Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe welcomed the Indian Prime Minister who arrived in Sri Lanka By a special aircraft.


Easter Sunday Attack

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the first head of state visiting Sri Lanka after the suicide bomb attack on Sunday by the Islamic extremist group on the 21st of April.

Prime Minister Modi, who was visited the St.Anthony’s Church Kochchikade , expressed his deep sympathy for the dead and injured.

Who were the people he met?

During his visit, Narendra Modi met Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena, Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe, Opposition leader Mahinda Rajapakshe, Former opposition leader R. Sambanthan and members of the Tamil National Alliance.

President Maithipala Sirisena had organized a special event in the premises of the presidential Secretariat.

I and President Maithripala Sirisena agreed that terrorism is a common threat and that effective and targeted measures must be taken to deal with it” statement issued by Prime Minister Modi.

And also Mr Modi said that there was “effective discussion” with Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe.

He assured fullest support of India to further enhance bilateral cooperation, including the projects targeted at the people of Sri Lanka.

The Indian PM who met opposition leader Mahinda Rajapakshe had said that he had a “comprehensive discussion” with him. He further stated that there was a close cooperation between Sri Lanka and India regarding the fight against terrorism, security and economic development.

The Indian PM said that there was a “very good level “discussion with representatives of the TNA.

The Indian community in Sri Lanaka

Indian PM and Indian community in Sri Lanka organized a meeting at “Indian House”.

Today’s position in the world is growing stronger, most of which belongs to the Indian Diaspora” he said.

20,000 Chinese and Indian nationals are employed in Sri Lanka according to official statistics of the Department of Immigration and emigration; the most number of foreigners are Indian Nationals.

Prime Minister Modi’s Response of Sri Lanka Visit

The visit of the Sri Lanka is short but effective. “Sri Lanka has a unique place in our hearts” he said in a statement.

I assure my brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka that India will always be with you and will cooperate with your advancement” it adds.

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