Troops ready for any emergency situation – Army Commander

Commander of the Sri Lankan Army, Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva states that they will continue the post-war efforts undertaken by the Sri Lanka Army since the end of the humanitarian operation in 2009.

In an interview with an Indian website, the Lt. General stated that since 2009 the Sri Lanka Army has dedicated itself to post-war nation-building projects, prioritizing gestures of reconciliation and co-existence. He went onto state that as per the vision of the new President, these activities would continue.

During the interview, which is yet to be released, the commander had explained the non-conventional threats that have been identified and other challenges facing the country. Lt. Gen. Silva had noted that he has kept the troops ready for any emergency situation that could occur in the future.

According to the Army Media, Lieutenant General Silva also asserted that he would ensure the highest degree of discipline among all ranks and would not hesitate to take any disciplinary action against wrongdoers under any circumstances.

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