SL Ayurveda Research Institute says cure to coronavirus may be found

The Bandaranaike International Ayurveda Research Institute has informed the Health Ministry that a possible cure to the coronavirus may have been found, but they are unable to test it due to the lack of a coronavirus patient in Sri Lanka.

Officials from the Institute had informed Health Minister, Pavithra Wanniarachchi, that the present ayurvedic medicines used to cure viruses such as dengue and other contagious diseases could possibly help cure the coronavirus, as it helped strengthen the patient’s immune system.

Some Chinese nationals in Sri Lanka have already contacted the institute, over obtaining the necessary ayurvedic medicines in order to alert their families in China.

The Health Ministry, noting that Sri Lanka’s ayurvedic medicines may help cure the coronavirus, has instructed the Sri Lanka Ayurveda Medical Council to further research on these medicines and inform the government.

As soon as the coronavirus outbreak began infecting people globally in January, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa instructed health authorities to collect information from experts in indigenous and western medicine to find a remedy to cure those affected with coronavirus.

Currently, the Health Ministry said three patients were under investigation on suspicions of the coronavirus in Sri Lanka, 2 at the Infectious Disease Hospital and 1 at the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital. Two out of the three are foreign nationals.

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