Sandahiru Seya Project receives USD 45,460 from Chinese Embassy

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The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka donated USD 45,460.00 for the Sandahiru Stupa construction project which is in progress under the purview of the Defence Ministry on Dec 07.

The well-timed donation would be invested for acquisition of a much needed automatic ‘Computer Numerical Control’ (CNC) machine, which is intended to be used for stones engraving works of the Stupa construction process.

Engraved stones would be utilized for the erection of monumental gateways and guardian parapet walls (Prakara Wall) surrounding the Pagoda.

On behalf of the People’s Liberation Armed Forces of China, the Defence Attaché, Senior Col. Wan Dong coordinated the financial donation.

This initiative has further strengthened the long-standing bilateral ties between two countries. (

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