Plantation workers Rs1000?

Plantation sri lanka

Plantation workers staged protests on Sunday seeking an increment of their daily wage up to Rs 1000.

The National Estate Workers Union had organized a protest in Passara insisting that they would not give up their struggle until their daily wages are increased to Rs 1000.

Meanwhile, plantation workers in Matale also staged a protest along the Elkaduwa – Wattegama main road citing similar demands.

Meanwhile, the Sunday Times newspaper reported that the government has decided to Gazette a minimum wage of Rs. 1,000 for estate workers.

This decision had been made after failing to reach a consensus with plantation companies.

However, regional plantation companies have come up with a final proposal suggesting workers could earn more than Rs 1,000 daily while maintaining Rs 725 as a basic wage.

The cabinet had approved a proposal to solve this through the Wages Board as the government had insisted on increasing the basic wage up to Rs 1000.

Against such a backdrop, the Sunday Times reported that there is speculation that the Government is planning to take over some underperforming Regional Plantation Companies and to allow India’s Adani Group to run them.

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