patient 31

A single “super-spreader” known as “patient 31” – a member of a fringe church called Shincheonji – is thought to have caused the rapid rise in cases. Now, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has filed a formal complaint against the congregation, accusing it of murder, foreign media reported.

At least 29 people have died in the outbreak and more than 4,800 people formally diagnosed with the virus as of March 3rd in South Korea.

“The situation here was not really serious until mid-February. It began to get very serious starting with patient 31,” said Hwang Seung-sik, a spatio-temporal epidemiologist at Seoul National University.

“Before patient 31, our strategies to contain the virus were working. But after countless people were infected by patient 31, it became very difficult to control.”

On the 3rd of March, Al Jazeera reported about a “super-spreader” also known as “patient 31”, who was responsible for the sudden spike in the confirmed Covid-19 patients in South Korea.

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