Italians dive into the icy waters of the Tiber River

Romans braved a cold but sunny New Year’s Day on Wednesday (January 1) to watch a group of men throw themselves off a bridge in Rome into the freezing waters of the Tiber river.

The annual Tiber Dive has been celebrated on the first day of the New Year since 1946. This year four divers took the plunge, some with more style than others, plummeting off the 30-meter Cavour bridge in the center of the Italian capital.

Veteran diver Maurizio Palmulli, known as Mr. O.K., traditionally took his place for the final dive, saluting the crowd after being pulled from the water onto a rescue boat.

“The adrenaline rises, but it is an immense pride for me, a citizen of Rome, to do something that goes around the world. I’m proud,” the 67-year-old said.

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