Eyewitness rejects assault claim in incident involving Chitral Somapala

An eyewitness account refutes the claim that singer Chitral Somapala had been assaulted during a musical show organized by a leading bank yesterday.

The D Major music band, led by Hector Dias, had been performing alongside Somapala at this show.

According to Dias, a person among the spectators hurled abuse at the singer, but only an exchange of words had ensued.

Using social media, that person distorted what had happened and given it wide publicity, he charges.

Dias goes onto say that Somapala is an internationally-acclaimed singer and that his forthrightness has often gotten him into trouble.

Following is a video of the explanation given by Dias:

මට මඩ ගහන කට්ටියට හෙක්ටර් ඩයස්ගෙන් උත්තරයක්!

Posted by Chitral Chity Somapala on Sunday, December 15, 2019


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