Elon Musk’s mom trolled him on Twitter

Last Tuesday Elon’s mother, Maye Musk, tweeted a 1995 picture of Elon with his very first car, saying “and people said you knew nothing about cars”

Elon responded with a comment explaining the backstory of the picture saying “Couldn’t afford to pay for repairs, so I fixed almost everything on that car from parts in the junkyard. Ironically, that’s me replacing broken side window glass. The circle is complete lol”. Elon said referring to the recent smashed windows incident of the Cyber truck.

Although Maye’s tweet seems to be an innocent tweet, she already knew about the embarrassment caused on stage by the smashed windows of Tesla cyber-truck.So this can be viewed as Elon’s mother casually trolling him about the Cybertruck incident.

The car in Maye’s tweet is a BMW 320i that Elon has bought for $1400 in 1993. Elon also told the twitter users how the window of the old car broke. “They smashed the window to steal the radio which is worth maybe $20”.


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