Discussion:solutions to the Fall Army Worm


A discussion was held on Friday (Jan. 01) between the team of experts from the African nation of Rwanda visiting Sri Lanka to offer solutions to the Fall Army Worm menace and local agricultural officials.

The team of experts from Rwanda informed the agricultural officials on the measures undertaken in Rwanda to control the insects, Dr. W.N. Weerakoon, the Director-General at the Department of Agriculture said on Saturday (Jan. 02).

The discussions also included the possibility of seeking technical support to control the Fall Army Worm menace, Dr. Weerakoon further added.

The team of experts from Rwanda engaged in an inspection tour in the farmlands of Samagipura Pahalagama in Anuradhapura on Friday (Jan. 02), which is destroyed by the Fall Army Worm.

The Rwandan experts visited the farmlands upon the invitation of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to uncover a remedy to the long-standing problem.

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