DGHS authorized officer to permit travel in lock-down areas

Police Headquarters announced the Quarantine Curfew passes will not be valid for use inside lockdown areas.

Sri Lanka Police said the Quarantine Curfew Passes were only issued for the period of the Quarantine Curfew in the Western Province which ceased at 05:00 AM on Monday (09).

Therefore, only the Director-General of Health Services is authorized to grant permission for anyone to move in or out of an area under lockdown.

If a person is to exit or enter an area under lockdown, the employer must address a request to the Director-General of Health Services with the following particulars.

01. Name of the Institution & Address
02. Period the employee will be reporting to work and the dates
03. Details of the Employees
04. Mode of Transport for the Employees
05. Reason to call-in the respective employees
06. Name, Designation, and Official Stamp of the Requesting Officer

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