Chronic racism overflowed amidst opening of Jaffna International Airport!

The main airport in the North, formerly known as Palali Airport, was opened today as the Jaffna International Airport. This is the third international airport in the country.

President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe were present at the opening of the Jaffna International Airport.

Some of the media and social media activists in the country have adopted communalism over the opening of this airport. For them, more important news than the opening of the airport is the name of the airport being mentioned in English a line above that of Sinhala at the Name Board.

The Neth Gossip website reports this saying that the Sinhala language is placed under. According to the website, this has been a ‘hot topic’ in social media. But the truth is, before Neth Gossip made such fuss on media fueling racism, there was no racial or communal interpretation to the news about Jaffna International Airport being opened.

It is no secret that some political parties, media institutions and Facebook pages in Sri Lanka are using anything to incite communalism; anything to promote hatred.

This too can be defined as such act committed by some chronically racist media body.

These media bodies and social media activists either are not even aware of the official languages declared in the Constitution, or behaving as if they were not aware.

According to the Constitution of Sri Lanka, Sinhala and Tamil are the official languages to which an equal value and recognition has been given. On the other hand, these black media are not even aware that the administrative language of the North and East is Tamil.

Given the constitution, it is never a mistake to give priority to the Tamil language of the Jaffna International Airport Name Board.

On the other hand, the airport is located in an area where the majority of Tamils live. The airport will be used by the majority Tamils in the future. Therefore, it is reasonable for any sensible person to prioritize the language of persons employed by the relevant institution when displaying a name board.

But these facts are not even relevant to such vile and disgusting media outlets who cannot survive without inciting racism and creating communal conflicts for the sake of their master’s political goals. These political slaves somehow intend to view different nations raging against each other on the streets.

We may not be surprised if political groups who are looking for incitement to communalism have brought this issue to the election stage in the coming days. Because these gossip sites do not develop such stories on mere hunch. They are socializing the rotten news they create the best way possible, by chewing the pennies politicians throw at them, while the rotten politicians who outburst on political platforms and amateur Facebook admins share them on Facebook.


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