Buffaloes die of unidentified disease in Polonnaruwa

An unidentified disease is killing buffaloes at the Flood Plains National Park in Polonnaruwa, wildlife officials said.Cattle farmers say buffaloes reared at domestic levels have been dying in the past week for reasons unknown.

“This could be due to an epidemic,” W.M. Kumarasiri Wijekoon, a wildlife ranger said in the wake of the deaths.“We must identify infected animals and provide treatment”.

Wildlife officials have instructed farmers to burn the carcasses of buffaloes to prevent other animals from being infected.“This disease could spread across animals such as deers and wild elephants living in this habitat,” Wijekoon pointed out.

The wildlife office in the area has said it is carrying out a study to identify the disease that is causing the deaths.


Creator: Chris Cohen 
Copyright: Chris Cohen Photography

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