The National Building Research Organisation (NBRO) has renewed its landslide warning for 3 districts.

According to the new advisory, an Amber Alert (Level 2) has been issued to the Ududumbara Divisional secretariat area and its surroundings in the Kandy District. An Amber alert is issued when rainfall within the past 24 hours in the area exceeds 100 mm.

A Yellow alert (Level 1) is in effect in the following areas.

Badulla District: Haldummulla, Passara, Lunugala, Ella, Haliela, Badulla, Haputale Bandarawela, Soranathota, Uva Paranagama, and Welimada

Kandy District: Udapalatha, Pathahewaheta, Gangawatakorale, Medadumbara, and Udunuwara

Nuwara Eliya District: Haguranketha, Nuwara Eliya, Walapane, and Ambagamuwakorale

People have been advised to immediately move away from areas where they notice pre-landslide signs such as sudden cracks on the ground or on the walls or floors. Communities have been advised to follow the instructions given by the National Building Research Organization and Disaster Management Center.

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