A Report submitted to the COPE

The Forensic Audit Report prepared by International Experts on the Central Bank Treasury Bond Scam was submitted to the Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE). Speaking to News 1st today Chairman of COPE Sunil Handunnetti noted that they have received copies of the report and it is them who will decide on submitting it to Parliament.

He added that a recommendation from the Attorney General has been received saying, not to make the report public as certain annexes are confidential in nature. He went onto note that it is the Parliament which will decide on the future course, so they hope to draw the attention of the Speaker as well as the Parliament.

Sunil Handunnetti said;

“As to my memory, around Rs. 900 million was spent for the Forensic Audit by the Central Bank, with the support of international mechanical and audit experts. The report was compiled by skimming through E-mails and telephone calls. So this is a very broad investigation. We hope the Forensic Audit Report would reveal the gravity of the Central Bank Bond Scam and other previously unknown matters.”

When News 1st repeatedly made revelations on the Central Bank Bond Scam, it took some time for the general public as well as the members of the opposition to understand the gravity of what had taken place. It is commendable on conducting a crucial forensic audit on the Bond Scam. However, there have been no signs of a forensic audit on the second reported bond scam.

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