5 Reasons Voting Matters, And Your Excuses, Don’t!

My vote doesn’t matter! They’re all the same! It’s a rigged system! I don’t like either candidate! Nothing changes, anyway! How many times have you heard someone, use one of these explanations, or something similar, to justify, their failure to exercise their right, and obligation, to vote? In recent elections, no more than half, of all eligible voters, assumed their personal responsibility, and stated, it wouldn’t have mattered, anyway! This seemed to have come to a head, with the elections of 2016, when Donald Trump was elected, with fewer popular votes, because, he narrowly defeated his opponent, in a half – dozen, key states, and thus, received their Electoral Votes. In that election, approximately, half, of all eligible voters, either because of apathy or for one of the listed reasons, did not vote! Whether this pleases someone, or not, there should be little doubt, the choice between the 2 primary candidates, in that election, certainly, would have had significant ramifications, and made differences, in our society, nation, the would, both, today, and into the future. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, why this matters, and, why voting must be, a civic responsibility!

1. Support someone else in Party primary: In 2016, many Bernie Sanders, supporters, became so disenfranchised, when their choice, lost the nomination, they, either boycotted, the national election, entirely or, even, voted for Donald Trump, to protest! How someone, who believed in Bernie, would vote, this way, doesn’t seem to be logical, but, the reality is, many vote, because of emotion, instead of logic!

2. Don’t LOVE either candidate: Some excuse, and/ or, justify, not voting, by proclaiming, they don’t really love, either candidate! However, if one, only, voted, when he had an overwhelming inner – feeling, for a specific candidate, even fewer would participate. Doesn’t it make sense, to proceed, with a degree of pragmatic idealism, and think, about the bigger – picture, and the ramifications, of permitting a less qualified, desirable, candidate, win an election?

3. Unwilling to pay attention: Some seem, either, unwilling, or unable, to pay attention, and understand, the visions, plans, and ideas, of competing candidates! When one does so, America loses!

4. Believe your vote doesn’t count: While, in some elections, it may, appear, one’s vote doesn’t really matter, we have witnessed, several recent elections, when elections, were extremely close, and every vote, truly. counted!

5. They’re all the same!: The results of the 2016 Presidential election, clearly, demonstrated, our votes matter, and there are ramifications, of who, we elect. Who believes, if Hillary Clinton, won, that election, instead of Trump, the actions, especially, regarding race relations, human rights, immigration, the environment, Climate Change preparations, etc, would not be, significantly different?

Instead of making an excuse, or blaming and complaining, get more involved, and make your voice known, by casting your ballot! If you don’t, you don’t earn the right, to criticize, etc!

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